Arriving at Florida State, I had no idea what clubs or groups I was going to join. 

My main priority was finding a youth group of sorts to join so that I could continue to grow in my relationship with Christ throughout college. The first week of classes, I checked out some of the main christian organizations on campus. They were all super nice people and seemed genuinely devoted to Christ, but I feared that I was going to have difficulty feeling a sense of belonging in a large group like that. I still wanted to keep searching because I knew I needed to join a christian group.

The first week of classes the university held an involvement fair that gave students the opportunity to explore what clubs and organizations had to offer. I went with my friend from high school, for we were both looking for places to get involved.

Both of us being christians, we started sifting through the booths of the christian student groups. I never realized how many different options there are. There were women fellowship groups, student fellowship groups, purity groups and so on. Just as we approached the end of the religious booths, we stumbled upon the booth for Delta Alpha Chi, a christian sorority.

Many girls in my high school graduating class participated in rush this fall. For those who aren’t familiar, rush is a week dedicated to finding and hopefully pledging to a sorority. To me, Greek Life was never appealing. It seemed like too much work, and I feared it would lead me away from God. However, Delta Alpha Chi seemed to be dedicated to showing the love of Christ and growing closer to him through fellowship with others.

I knew christian sororities existed, I just didn’t know Florida State had one.

A family friend that I grew up with is in a christian sorority and she loves it, so I decided to write my name and contact information down at the booth. When I got home that night, I gave my mom a call and told her about Delta Alpha Chi. To my surprise, she was actually pretty interested in me checking it out. 

As information night approached, I grew more and more excited. This seemed like a great way to grow with other women of my faith at a smaller and more personal level. My mom shipped me my nicer clothes (because I didn’t think I was going to need dresses and heels when I came up here). In the application, they said that rush was going to be very similar to any other sorority rush week, just more laid back and faith centered.

Information night was probably the best night I had had on campus up until that point. I met so many amazing girls, both sisters and rushies. I feared the process of rushing, but when I got there I realized it was going to be a lot more relaxed and less intimidating.

Rush was on Tuesdays and Thursdays and lasted two weeks.

The second day of rush I was interviewed, which to my surprise didn’t make me nervous at all. It was also testimony night one that night. I loved spending time hearing some of the other girls’ stories and what they have gone through in their faith. That night was also the night I met Allie, who is now my closest friend at FSU. 

The last night of rush was Pref night. In terms of a regular sorority, this is a night when you choose what sorority you like and find out if they like you back. Because we were only rushing for one sorority, it was a little different. It was a black dress event, and it was a time where we got to hear a little bit of God’s word, as well as share a meal with everyone. Later that night, we got our invitations to bid day and we met our mentors. It was so much fun.



That following Saturday was bid day, where we got to “run home” to Delta Alpha Chi. We did a sort of “scavenger hunt” around the campus, which included games and other fun activities. It was a great day of getting to know the girls in my rush class more. After we ran to our mentors, we recieved our bid day shirts and took pictures.



Now, as the rush class of Alpha Alpha, we are now pledges.

Since rush week, I’ve made so many connections with these girls, and have made friends who I know care about me and are willing to support me. Not only are these people in my life to help me grow spiritually, but they are also there for friendship. We often go out and get dinner, hang out during the week, and attend bible studies together. If I ever need a ride to an event, or just in general, I know the girls have my back. I am so excited to continue to grow with them, both relationally and spiritually. I know God has placed me in this sorority, and I trust He will lead me to where he wants me to be.   

So whether it’s getting involved in a campus ministry, or joining a christian sorority, you should always try to find a group to join in college that helps you strengthen your faith. You may think that Greek life isn’t the way for you, but you never know. It may be the place you call home.

What the bible has to say about: fellowship with others

  • Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

I love these verse because one of the primary ways Jesus wants to connect with us is through relationship with others. “Two are better than one,” it says, for when we are with others in our walk we can provide encouragement and support. 

  • Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Once again, God is calling us to be in fellowship with others. In a class I attended before I went to college, they referenced this verse and explained that while reading the word alone and praying by yourself is good, God is among those worshiping together in His name. 

Tip and tidbits about fellowship in His name*

  • Get involved in a small group. Many christians fall into the trap of believing they can walk in their faith on their own. It is sometimes presumed that as long as one goes to church and prays that that is enough. God calls us to be with others, it’s not just merely a suggestion. Being in a small, faith-based group provides you with support, as well as other perspectives about what the Word means and how it can be applied to our lives.
  • Get involved within your church. Fellowship is not only found in small bible studies, but also by serving with others. I have met so many great people through serving in my church that are always there to support me, and in return, I am there to support them.



Abigail Joy


*These tips and tidbits are specific to me and my life. Although they may work for the reader, I am not a professional in this area. These are merely suggestions that God has put in my heart, and may or may not work for anyone.